When it comes to dressing up for special occasions, holidays seem to get all the attention. Deeply, vampy shades and textures come into the spotlight every November before Thanksgiving rolls around, and patriotic clothing is planned and widely discussed well before the fourth of July. But what about birthday outfits?

On a beautiful day every year, everything revolves around you, and your outfit can stand out, unlike that everyone dresses together for a holiday. Absolutely everything is fair, and your Look should make you feel like yourself—whether it’s with that special shirt that you take out of your closet a few times a year, or with a new pair of shoes that makes you feel like a Million dollars.

Trying to decide how to equip yourself for your summer birthday (hello, cancer colleagues!)? We’re here to save the Day. Here’s the Inspiration you need to choose your birthday outfit and stand out from the crowd, as you should.

1. A top so good, he will say, “it’s my birthday” on his own

A few weeks before my birthday, an ad for a feathered top appeared on my Instagram, and I felt like the targeted ad was hitting me in my weakest spot. At that time, I thought that if I did not have the top and wore feathers for my birthday, I would never recover.

Spoiler: I did not get the top and I absolutely felt the emptiness of a lack of feathers,but the fact is that there are only some tops that say ” birthday!”The right one paired with your jeans makes the perfect look for all the drinks on the roof or dinner on the Terrace that we have happy summer birthday people.

2. A Dress that looks all by itself

When temperatures are high, a dress is the best choice for a unique outfit, and if your birthday is in summer, you can probably dress up for a hot day and a hot night.

3. Worthy of Accessories for Special Occasions

The cherry on each outfit are the Accessories that are combined with it, and for your birthday look they should be especially cool. Complete your look with a bag that adds a pop of color or sunglasses that will make all the conversation.

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