If you are almost everywhere on the Internet, you will find a youth who will tell you with 100% certainty that skinny jeans are out of the question and that they are jeans with wide legs, Baggy-Fits and looking directly from your mother’s closet.80s.

But what they don’t tell you is that there is no wrong way to wear anything, and as long as you are sure of it, there are also no pieces that are fiercely taboo. If you feel like a smaller version of yourself with straight leg jeans than your tried and tested skinny jeans, there’s no reason not to continue wearing it in 2021.

If you go for skinny jeans, there are ways to style them so that they are fashionable and chic for autumn 2021-it all depends on what you combine. Need some inspiration to style your favorite jeans this fall? These seven Looks will not disappoint, and you will look absolutely anything but obsolete.

1. With a Shacket and Chunky Boots

For a simple but chic fall outfit, Chunky Boots and a Shacket are the perfect pair for your skinny jeans. Stubby boots with legged soles are one of the best trends of 2021, and with skinny jeans, boots can attract attention without having to compete with pants with wider legs. The result is a Go-to look that you can turn to again and again.

2. With one button-up and sweater vest

Sweater vests are back for fall 2021, and it’s the perfect inspiration for when you don’t know how your style. With a white button-up underneath and her skinny jeans inserted into a thin pair of black booties, she captures a trendy feel in a classic outfit—something that is not easy to achieve.

3. A great Sweaters and Moccasins

When the weather is cool, there is nothing better than putting on a comfortable knit and going out the door, and if you opt for a longer knit, skinny jeans perfectly even out the proportions.

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