The first time I wore skinny jeans, I was in sixth grade. They were a low, extra-thin pair of Abercrombie Kids that I had asked my mom enough for her to buy them just to shut me up. But who could blame me? My Levi’s bootcut had been considered unacceptable by every prepubescent girl in my college, and instead the braces-clad faces were accompanied by very, very tight jeans. (Unfortunately, I didn’t have braces yet—just “the worst matter” my future Orthodontist would tell me he’d ever seen. DM me for photographic evidence).

My Point? That was more than a decade ago.

Of course, there will always be a time and place for our skinny jeans, but we are in the team to experiment with new shapes and silhouettes and move forward and up. Skinny jeans dominated our wardrobes long enough for us to take a step back.

Give your Skinnies a nice and comfortable place in the back of your wardrobe if you really need them, and try these 2021 approved pants for size.

Inspired by the 90s

If 2021 dominates a Denim trend, it is a cut inspired by the 90s. The style is casual, full length and fits well with almost anything(especially when the temperatures drop and your boots burst).

Leather pants

A few years ago, you probably wouldn’t have considered leather pants, unless it was October 30th at Spirit Halloween, when you set about getting rid of Grease as a last-minute Halloween costume. But unfortunately, the fashion gods have a way of making us eat our words, as they did with the leather pants of past (and future) seasons. We have been singing the praises of Spanx leather leggings for years, and although they are still an integral part of our Rotation, straighter, trouser-like versions have appeared, which we also fell in love with.


If you are sticking exclusively to skinny jeans recently, put on a flared pair and see what you are doing with your legs and how often you look at your buttocks in the mirror all day. Flared jeans hug your body in the right places and enhance your figure in a way that a slim pair simply can not do. With a pair of slippers or high-heeled sandals, you are the chicest girl in any room. (If you really want to be in the trend for 2021, try them in a low waist).

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