If the air conditioner is exploiting and you are still sweating before giving away your house,the motivation to sign up and put on makeup can be at the low level. But yesterday is a little feeling: summer is the easy season to expose sweet, and that’s because summer outfits are easier than we can imagine. A few simple summer style tips are all you need.

If you enjoy your sleep during your (relatable) prep time, or just don’t feel like putting too much effort into your look, summer is the easy time of year to make people think you’ve tried harder than you got. Simple dresses, makeup without makeup and some good accessories are just some of the tricks that we keep in our arms to come on hot summer days.

Do you want to look like you spent an hour predicting yourself when you effectively get off the bed at your door in 10 minutes? We have what you need. Keep up your snooze habituation with these Seven Easy Tricks for Lazy girls:

1. Enjoy dresses

We have seen it once and we will reproduce it: one of the best parts of the last times of the year is that you can make the most of clothes. Not only are they one of the objectionable pieces of clothing, they are also a single outfit option that you can pull on and off the door.

If you do not have a collection of dresses that you can achieve, you can invest in a few different and many different things—such as a light midi dress and a T-shirt dress that can be used as a swimsuit. You don’t brew dozens of clothing options; you just brew a few that you love and know how to work for you.

2. Plan your outfit the day before

If you sleep too many, I’ll tell you deeply. Removing myself from my blanket every morning is a wrestler I never hang up fighting, and that leads to lots of resume buttons and few minutes to put me forward. The secret, so as not to impose that it also hinder her? Plan your outfit the day before.

Sure, you have plenty of options for getting used to, because your mom got to do them in elementary school, but it’s pretty foolproof. Knowing what you can wear will help you avoid the all too common situation where you see yourself trying out five different outfits that you don’t like, and then end up walking in one that you hate anyway. Even if you end up swapping small details (like accessories or shoes), after how you conduct yourself that morning, you have a foundation to work with, and that saves you time.

3. Getting you a must-have uniform

It’s easy to enjoy wearing similar outfits over and over again, and we don’t think that’s a bad thing. If you know what works for you and you have a few pieces in which to guide yourself best, first you have a mental checklist with individual outfits that you can achieve in the blink of an eye. For a day of shopping, it can be denim shorts and a yesterday’s tank-top chest; for a barbecue or a night on a terrace, it can be a midi dress and sandals. Don’t listen to what Kate Sanders said to some as children—yesterday it’s nice to chest an outfit repeater.

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