Of all the surprising things that last year brought, one of the most surprising things was that skinny jeans have become one of the biggest controversies of 2021.

De chuegy affectionately called flat as unstylish, skinny jeans have been discussed, taken apart, and talked of no end this year. The Result? Some cling to their dear life, and others packed it waiting for the day when fashionistas consider it fashionable again. If you are part of the old, today is your lucky day.

While skinny jeans may not be the hottest or coolest Jeans right now, they have a time and a place where they can be pulled out of the closet-and with the right pieces, they can be as chic as any straight leg jeans you can dream of. Are you ready to get the most out of your skinny jeans in 2021? Do it with these surefire Looks that put you at the center of attention.

1. With a Tank and oversized Blazer

With an oversized Blazer, you can rarely do anything wrong, and the contrast between the blazer’s larger cut at the top and the fitted pants at the bottom compensates for and makes your outfit work. If you wear it, pair it with a tank cut off on top; if you wear it to a matching denim desk, pair it with a Trendy T-Shirt.

2. White Button – up and Sneakers

There’s nothing more classic than a white button-Up, and paired with distressed skinny jeans and a cool baguette bag, it’s a worthy match for a uniform so classic there’s no chance it will look outdated.

3. With Satinhemd and Mules

To refresh your skinny jeans, opt for a silk button-UP in a retro pattern that, paired with your Skinnies, speaks for itself. With mules in a splash of color and neutral Accessories, it’s a transitional look of our dreams. Pro Tip: To give yourself more shape, unbutton the bottom half of your top and try a half Tuck.

4. A large sweatshirt and Sneakers

As for transitional Looks, there is nothing more beautiful than a Sweatshirt-Jeans combination. For a sweater to match your skinny jeans, choose an oversized fit or a pair of sizes larger than your usual size (think: hit just below your butt). To complete the casual Look, pair it with sneakers and a waist bag.

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