We were all there: they are trying to prepare to go through the door. You try on 15 different outfits, throw the contents of your closet on the floor, then raise your hands and admit that you have absolutely nothing to wear. The answer to this problem is actually quite simple: the formulas of the look.

Sure, you may have a closet full of clothes, but sometimes nothing you put on feels good-and the trick to action these days is to stay ahead of them when you don’t feel that way. If you have a mental checklist of simple and easy outfit formulas to rely on, you will never say the dreaded words “I have nothing to wear”again.

We found five outfits assembled with cabinet clips (which you probably already own) that you can turn to again and again, without panic, before leaving the house.

1. A graphic T-shirt + Biker shorts

If graphic T-shirts are not a staple in your wardrobe, miss out. Not only are they super comfortable, they can also be combined with anything, including biker shorts. Complement the combination with earrings and a beautiful necklace for a look that says: “I put a little effort into this outfit, but not too much.”

2. A versatile dress + sandals

Dresses are an essential piece in any closet. They are simple, versatile and can be worn in countless different ways! From mini dresses for hot days to maxi dresses for slightly more formal events, a dress-sandal combination can be worn pretty much anything that could happen. You don’t need countless pairs of clothes for the perfect outfit—you just need some good clothes.

3. A cardigan + jeans

2020 was the year of the cardigan, and we will not get rid of it this fall. The best part about you? You don’t have to do much to make them great. Put on your favorite jeans and a pair of sneakers, and you are ready to go.

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