If you put together an outfit too often, the final touch will be a subsequent reflection. Shoes, jewelry, bag that you choose-all your accessories are combined, which makes or breaks an outfit. And it’s never truer than why you’re trying to figure out how to dress an outfit.

It is constantly said-this look can be put on or let down!- but what does that really mean? But think about it: at the end of the day, jeans and T-shirt can be presented in a thousand different ways, it all depends on what you wear them with.

The secret to dressing an outfit? It all depends on what you supplement the bones of your outfit with, and we believe that we have deciphered the code to master it. With these five hacks, you will never feel underdressed again.

1. Develop strategies for your shoes

As predictable as it may be, there is no easier way to change the feel of an outfit than with the shoes you choose. Just as a pair of sneakers can make a dress more casual, a pair of sandals with heels or boots can put on jeans and completely change your outfit. Whether you wear a heel or not, a must-have dress option in your wardrobe is a necessity.

2. Add blazer

Blazers have proven that they stand the test of time, and although we like to wear ours with jeans and a T-shirt for a casual look, their essence naturally brings an exaltation to what they connect with each other. If you have a basic option in your wardrobe that you can wear with any outfit you put on, this is a sure way to know that you have a way to dress when you need it.

3. Carry a textured bag

A bag is often the last thing you think about when putting together an outfit, but if you want to put on a look, it should be one of the first. Instead of a carrying bag or a shoulder bag, choose a textured bag option (bonus points if it has a top handle) to improve your mood.

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