If there is one garment that has really stood the test of time, it is a very popular denim jacket. While the silhouette has changed a bit over the years (oversized fitted-cropped and back to oversized you again, our love and confidence for jackets jeans-grew by your side.

And although, despite the outfit with which you work, you pack a denim jacket at the exit from the door, it can be a little difficult to thoughtfully style a denim jacket. If you want to put on the oversize denim jacket trend, do not be afraid. Here are six avant-garde ways to style it:

1. On the shoulders with a buttoned cardigan and refined jewelry

The perfect combination of outfits for early autumn is there, and this buttoned cardigan + oversize denim jacket is the perfect location. If the temperatures are cold in the morning, but extremely hot in the after afternoon (cough, cough, Chicago weather, we are talking to you), it is absolutely important to use an extra layer to your advantage. And when function meets fashion, we are all ears.

2. With a matching contrast set

This almost perfect combination of outfits can be achieved in two ways: firstly, as a contrasting training set for a relaxed atmosphere, and secondly, as a high-hanging matching set for the coolest brunch outfit ever. Whatever the occasion, this set will save you the next time you plunge into the crisis of the all-too-familiar outfit.

3. As a Canadian tuxedo

Denim on denim looks both cool and effortless if done correctly, and achieving it is one of the simplest formulas of the book. Whether you opt for similar shades or contrasting denim, pair it with a simple top and large sandals for an avant-garde look that has stood the test of time.

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