We don’t feel quite like autumn yet, but in our hearts (and in our closets) things are officially moving into the best time of year. As always, with the changing colors of the leaves and the fresh air blowing, a new season full of new trends is added to our autumn fashion arsenals.

Since the trends come and go from season to season, it is always difficult to decide who to spend your hard-earned money on (especially since some trends will inevitably not be present even in the spring).

Luckily for us, there are some fall fashion trends this season that you’ve probably already dragged around in your closet that need to be highlighted for fall 2021. Whether it’s a piece that’s been inactive on a hanger since last year, or something you’ve stashed in your closet, it’s time to dust and rock it (and look like you’re wearing something new) all fall.

Ready for autumn trends, but you don’t want to click “add to cart”?”Here are our five most popular fall trends that you probably already own.

1. All made to measure

After spending the whole of 2020 in our cozy clothes, it’s time to get out of our tracksuits and wear polished blazers, pants and vests. This fall, it’s all about the tailored look from head to toe.

Dust off your must-have blazer and pair it with a t-shirt, jeans and booties for happy hour, or take it to a very trendy level and pair it with another tailored piece, like your must-have button-up. When you go to the office, high-waisted pants will perfectly match your blazer – and will be as trendy as this season.

2. Bright colors

When you think of autumn, you probably think of rich, deep tones such as burgundy and olive. While these colors will always be pillars in autumn and winter, this autumn they are bright, saturated colors.

With shades that turn heads, such as Kelly green, marigold, dark purple and many shades of pink, it’s time to give up the neutral tones and let your boldest shades play.

3. Cutting

The clippings were all over our social media feeds during the spring and summer months, and they’re not going anywhere in the fall. From brunch to rendezvous, cutouts are the perfect way to add a little edge to any outfit.

Put your favorite piece under a jacket for a date or a drink with your friends or take off your favorite piece and combine it with your must-have boots.

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