I really did the impossible: I cracked the code for cute sneakers, trendy, but still classic and, most importantly, comfortable. Last year I coveted a pair of white Converse plateau tops, but I found that they were constantly depleted or that it was just not the right time of year. But I’m glad it didn’t work out, because this year Converse has released its “Move” line, which has extra cushioned soles for ultimate comfort. And since the move platform tops have come into my life, I literally can’t decide to wear another pair of shoes.

There’s nothing worse than knowing you’re going to walk a lot-like on vacation or just for a long day—and have to choose between the worst light bulbs ever, or looking like a 60-year-old dad at Disney World. These sneakers solve this problem. They look like they’re wearing regular high-end Converse (which are big again, BTW), but they feel like they’re wearing their most beautiful athletic sneakers.

I came across these sneakers on Instagram when a blogger I am talked about trying to decide between these and another pair of Converse. She stressed that she liked that they do not have a black line around the sole, as the classic pair does, which, frankly, is a good point. The all-white look is super elegant and clean, and there’s nothing better than a crispy white sneaker.

Then of course, I swept them, looked once, then I received about a million ads for them the following week. After an intense textual debate with my sister on whether to try my luck at this new style or just stick with a more classic pair, I decided to leave and gave up my order.

To be honest, I didn’t really expect much. I did not even read one of the reviews-I just liked her appearance and wanted a new pair of white sneakers for the summer. However, when I first wore them outside my apartment, I was overwhelmed by their comfort. You may think I’m a bit dramatic here, but if you ever have to break a new pair of Converse or wear them for a long time, you know how surprising it is.

There was absolutely no need to introduce them, and there is no better way to describe them than to say that they feel like they are walking on clouds. I’m not kidding when I say that I think I could go there to run and not have a problem. I even wear them on long walks just for fun.

I really want to shout from the rooftops that these are the most comfortable sneakers I’ve ever worn, but we can’t ignore how cute they are either. I constantly get compliments every time I wear them, and a lot of people tell me how cool they are. I like that they are different without being too much outside.

They are also extremely versatile: they look so cute dressed with an athleisure look or a denim shorts, but also work well with dresses(as we know, thanks to the hit of Demi Lovato La La Land”).

While those in the Air Force have become basic (that’s OK, I still like mine) and the Adidas superstars have become obsolete (see how I didn’t intentionally say cheugy?), Converse have stood the test of time. They might become popular, but they’re never really “out ” —and Converse is constantly changing things for people to come back.

I call it now: the move platform tops are the” it girl ” shoes of the year, so you better get a pair before they sell!

I own them in white canvas, but I noticed that Nordstrom made them out of leather, so of course I had to order them in black leather for fall and winter. What can I say? I really like her.

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