We were all there: we got excited for a day and planned our outfit up to a T. We prepare, and at some point in the Chaos of putting on a bra or using a heat tool on our hair, we are absolutely drops of sweat-and we did not even leave the house. This is the difficult part of navigating summer clothes.

While in autumn and winter it’s all about layering all the clothes we can get our hands on, summer dog days are about wearing as little as possible while putting our best foot forward, which is easier said than done. It may be August, but don’t be fooled. The hottest days of summer are still ahead of us.

If you drop the sweat before you cross the threshold of your front door, these simple and airy outfit formulas were made for you and all the hot days you need to dress up for this summer.

1. A tank and canvas pants

We are lovers of denim shorts, but sometimes we have to turn away from them while keeping them cool. Linen pants are ultra-breathable, which means your legs are not narrowed and can actually breathe. In combination with a simple tank, it seems that you put more effort into your outfit than you did, and your legs will thank you for the airflow.

2. A Bodysuit and Denim shorts

Some days are just too hot to cope with a sleeve of any type, which is why a body Tank can be your Savior. He will make sure that your Tuck is always flawless, and in a black hue, your sweat stains will not be seen by anyone. Top it off with this Season’s hottest Birkenstocks, and you’ll have a casual uniform for hot days.

3. A short blouse and canvas pants

Another way to style your linen pants? With a short cut blouse that makes a statement. It will be airy and airy, but still suitable for a high event or a date where your clothes should not make you sticky and sweaty.

4. One Button-up and Midirock

If all else fails, a midi skirt can always save your Look. The silhouette and longer length give a more composite look than your average floors-with minimal effort. Bonus: You will feel much more comfortable.

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